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Press Quotes

“LIV, has never been shy when it comes to expressing her thoughts, especially on wax.”

-Tayo of "Earmilk"

Within the first five minutes of listening to this tape, I was thoroughly enjoying the sound that she provided, but it just kept getting better and better as the tracklist continued"

FITV Cover 7MB.png

"Black Girl Unbothered", which released on September 13th 2019, is an end of the summer cruise into fall, new love, freedom, and self awareness. The second project from LIV, the 7 song EP  shows  ranges of alternative hip hop, rap, and electric grooving, all embodying ones freedom to be whomever they choose. Whether its lamenting to a lover, or wanting to throw middle fingers and the people questioning your existence, Black Girl Unbothered offers something everyone can relate to. 

Flowers In The Void

“Flowers In The Void” is 6 tracks showcasing the free spirit of black love, our fear and anxiety, and how one copes during a time where nothing is certain but still wants something good to believe in. It’s super soulful, vulnerable, edgy, and based a lot on what it means to understand that in times like these, love is a risk. Especially black love. And as strong as we are, being aware of that risk sometimes makes it hard to keep it together

BGU cover FINAL.png
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